7 Most Expensive Flowers in the World

Saffron Crocus

Bestowing your loved ones with flowers can be super expensive. Yes! Incredible though it may sound but it is true that there are certain flowers in 10 million pounds or even more. Surprised? We have enlisted here the 7 most expensive flowers in the world. Cost of these flowers will inspire your awe.

Kadupul Flower: (Technically Priceless)

Kadupul Flower
Kadupul Flower

When the most expensive flowers in the world are talked about Kadupul tops the list. This is indeed the most rarely occurring flower owing to which it is priceless. With the beautiful hue of yellow and white, it is one of the most beautiful flowers of the world also. The flower attains the maximum height of 30 centimetres. It is a native of Sri Lanka but besides that country it is found in certain South American countries also. The flower is a rare sight in the ornamental gardens all across the world.

The most beautiful and the rarest flower called Kadupul begins to bloom between 10 pm-11 pm sometimes two hours more than that and withers at the crack of dawn. The whole environs fills up with sweet smell once all the buds of this flower blossom. These flowers bloom monthly only on full moon days.

Juliet Rose: (3 million pounds to 5 million pounds):

Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose

You must have purchased rose and their bouquets and thought them to be the right gift to express your love. But, it is very hard to imagine a rose costing more than one million pounds. Isn’t it?  However, this is true!  A well-known rose breeder David Austin says that it takes more than 15 years to create this apricot hued hybrid. Way back in the year 2006 at the Chelsea flower show, this flower made its appearance and surprised the entire world both with its beauty and with its high price tag.

It is indeed one of the most expensive flowers ever developed. The flower is a distinctive full-cupped rose that has voluminous petals which bear close resemblance from the soft peach of the warm apricot. 

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid: ($202,000 per Plant)

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Again a very rarely occurring flower is the most expensive one also. It is a very rare sight and orchid collectors all around the world are just unable to find this flower. It was developed in the laboratory by a noted agricultural research corporation Shenzhen Nongke Group. It took researchers 8 years to develop this flower. The flower is not from the nature and it is listed as one of the costliest flowers because of its rare occurrence, its background and complicated cultivation.

At an auction this synthetically created flower was sold at very high price of 1.68 million Yuan or 1 million or more two lakh dollars. Interesting! Isn’t it? This unusual and truly unique Orchid cannot go unnoticed when the expensive flowers around the world are talked about. Though Orchids in many variety can be find in flower shop, but shenzhen orchid is one of the rare to find due to its high price.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid: ($5,000 or 3,000 pound sterling for one stem)

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

It is an extremely rarely occurring flower and an endangered species. This orchid is found only in a small fenced area of “Kinabalu National Park” in Malaysia. It is also known as Rothschild’s slipper orchid because it has large sized clear-leaves. The full blossom of the flower has a tall inflorescence has six large flowers. It is extremely rare since it is found only in a very limited area of the world and the Orchid blooms only between April and May.

This beautiful red-stripped flower is the most rarely occurring one and it is in fact the most expensive flower in the world also which is in the verge of extinction.

17th Century Semper Augustus: 10,000 Guilders per bulb:

Semper Augustus
17th Century Semper Augustus

Many people believe that the most beautiful tulip in the world “Semper Augustus” is the holy grail of the tulip bulbs. This flower belongs to the 17th century and it was made famous during 1637. This period is also known as Tulip mania period. These flowers were very rare and tagged as the most beautiful flowers in the world. But, this beauty cost too much and the skyrocket price of this most rare and the prettiest flower in the world made it affordable only to the affluent.

The stunningly beautiful Semper Augustus flower with streaks and flames of crimson set made it a legendary symbol of the Dutch “Tulip Mania. Vivid markings on the bulb caused by the “Tulip breaking Virus” weakened its bulb also which resulted the entire plant to wilt and hence Semper Augustus does not exist now. Sad enough! You would not be able to have a look at its beauty. But, this top-rated flower is definitely one among the costliest flowers of the world.

Saffron Crocus: ($1200-$1500 per pound)

Saffron Crocus
Saffron Crocus Flower

Saffron Crocus is a species of the flowering plant in the Crocus genus. This flower is known for producing saffron spice from its fibers grown inside the flower. Stamens of this flower are cultivated for making the most expensive spice of the world. When flower bloom in the autumn, the elongated orange red stigma are plucked from the flower. These flowers are smaller in size and the stigmas are little orange threads.

Tulip Bulb: ($5700 in the 17th century)

Tulip Bulb
Tulip Flower Bulb

Simple and the common tulip enjoyed a bubble in the 17th century in Holland. The beautiful flower was sold at the costliest prices. These flowers became the favorite of Dutch in the 17th century due to their deep lush colors. Their price went up to 10,000 guilders or $5,700 and they remained the most sought after status symbol ever since then. It is in fact one among the most beautiful and the most expensive flowers in the world.

It is just a small endeavor to guide you about the rarest and the most expensive flowers in the world. Some of these flowers are extinct and others are so rarely seen that hardly anybody knows about them. It costs a fortune to buy them and hence if you dream to possess them, make very sure that you have a good amount of wealth with you!

After all its beauty with an unimaginable cost!